The Story Of Great Ancient Vedic Organic Agriculture


    Not many Know About Ancient Vedic Organic Agriculture
    Many of us don’t know about Vedic Organic Agriculture. Real Vedic time was a time period pre-3000 BC. The sages of that age had gained knowledge about everything through their penance. The precious knowledge includes the laws of nature, the science of cosmos and basically the truths of existence. They were enlightened and they understood all rhythms of nature. The Vedas are knowledge texts that consist of all the wisdom and knowledge about everything. The Vedas are one of the holy books of Hinduism. Vedic Agriculture has been mentioned in the Vedas.

    Aryans used to cultivate crops and practice animal Husbandry at that time adopting Vedic ways. The word ‘Aryans’ come from the root word, ‘Arya’ which means to cultivate. The true essence of agriculture lies in the Vedic system of agriculture which was according to the laws of nature. Vedic agriculture is the real agriculture. The word ‘Veda’ means knowledge and Vedic agriculture means applying real ancient knowledge to the field of agriculture. Vedic farming is the main root of agriculture. It is the earliest form of agriculture before all the other civilizations flourished. This system has been passed as Vedic heritage till date. But unfortunately people have corrupted with it and its main essence has been lost till today.

    Vedic Organic farming has been described in Vedic texts like Krishi Parashar, Brihat samhita, Manusmriti etc. The technology of agriculture mentioned in those texts is completely organic. In this technology Cow dung, urine, plant extracts, and natural products are used: Biological/Mechanical pest control methods are adopted and Green manuring is done. Cattle roam around the field and their dung fertilizes the already rich soil. Then seeds are sprayed without plowing and tillage. The methods like transplantation, irrigation, seed treatment, reduced tillage; vermi composting, crop rotation etc are also mentioned in Vedic texts.

    According to this system cow manure, cow urine, milk, yogurt, and ghee are original Organic fertilizers. These sacred cow substances are combined with coconut water, jaggery, and ripe bananas and then mixed into the soil. This is so rich in nutrients that it can make even the most barren, demineralized soil fertile again. It has a medicinal effect on the plants. The Rishis taught that seeds should first be coated in ghee and honey before sowing to help them germinate, making them strong and resistant to disease for their lifetime.

    Vedic cosmological agriculture signifies the use of astrology and understanding the movement of the planets when sowing and reaping crops. The rishis identified 27 constellations, or “Nakshatras” through which moon passes. There are specific actions which should be taken on a particular Nakshatra cycle, in order to receive the maximum benefit to the crops. For example, each nakshatra specifies an appropriate time for seeding, plowing, pruning, spraying, watering, weeding, fertilizing, composting, etc. Homa farming is a spiritual practice that dates from the Vedic period. The basic aspect of homa farming is the chanting of Sanskrit mantras at specific times in the day before a holy fire. The ash that results from the puja is used to energize composts, plants, animals, etc.

    Earth is a living being, a spiritual- physical matrix. A farm is considered a living, dynamic and spiritual entity with its own rhythms and life forces. Nature has its laws in agriculture. It has creative intelligence which can transform soil, air, and water to crops, fruits, and vegetables. Plants are themselves conscious, sensitive and aware of their environment. There is an effect of human thoughts, treatment, love, and care in plants according to which they respond back to us. Vedic farming adds the Vedic element to the food increasing its nourishing properties. It is sustainable and in tune with the natural law. By adopting this system, a farmer’s life will be in tune with universal cosmic life. There will be harmony with five elements, earth, water, fire, air, and sky. There will be an expansion of human consciousness. We are what we eat. Mass consciousness will increase. There will be balance and harmony in nature. There will be co- existence and co- relation between living and non-living entities. This is the way towards spirituality.

    Due to the deviation from the natural law by a majority of people, nature has been responding back to mankind in a similar way. People are going against nature and following the line of dominance and exploitation. They are using artificial methods, genetically modified seeds and are manipulating genes. They are spraying non-degradable and harmful chemical pesticides, hormones, herbicides, fertilizers etc which are all against universal laws and principles of nature. They have tried to become smarter trying to win over nature. Breaking the laws of the universe has its own consequences.

    Soil degradation, biodiversity loss, natural disasters, climate change, global warming, an increase of pests and diseases, health problems amongst masses etc are some of the examples of the punishments by nature. Going against the natural laws doesn’t reap any good results to mankind. People are trying to find out new technologies, new modern ways, but they don’t realize that going back to the roots is the only way. Scientists are looking forward to finding most advanced technology. But Vedic technology is the only real supreme technology which is sustainable and in accordance to the laws of nature. This system is highly productive, nature- friendly and profitable.

    The good news is that People are slowly adopting organic methods of agriculture. Many of these “non-violent” bio-dynamic farming practices are resurging now like Ayurveda. People are getting attracted to ancient spiritual practices and methods. It is all about going back to the roots or the core essence of real agriculture. No matter how man tries to improve and modernize agriculture practices, all those efforts will definitely go in vain. No other technique actually works without the repercussions. This system is in perfect harmony with nature. Going against the natural laws is totally wrong and if it is chosen the consequences will have to be faced. So, adoption of Vedic organic agriculture system is the only way to stop the prevailing problems that exist all around the globe. For restoration, balance, and harmony this system is essential. The future of agriculture is definitely Vedic organic agriculture.

    Aastha Pudasainee

    Undergraduate Agriculture Student