Now an Australian court tries to imitate Trudeau of Canada

Now an Australian court tries to imitate Trudeau of Canada


Now an Australian court tries to imitate Trudeau of Canada

An Australian court has now asked a former Indian envoy to Australia to compensate former domestic worker for ‘unfair working conditions’ Justice Elizabeth Raper of the federal court ordered Suri to pay Seema Sherghill more than 136,000 dollars plus interest within 60 days.

This court in Australia without application of mind and studying of International protocol has ordered India’s former high commissioner to Canberra Navdeep Singh Suri to pay a former domestic employee thousands of dollars in compensation after she accused him of unfair working conditions, according to Australian media report.

The court has forgotten about a thing called diplomatic immunity. Tomorrow it will have the temerity to order the Indian High Commissioner to pay salary to the Indian Staff posted there as per Australian rates. This is what the American Administration too had tried and even briefly arrested the Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade. Well a “ tight “ return punch had cleared Washington’s head within no time and they desisted from further stupidity.

Seema Shergill had arrived in Australia in April 2015 on a diplomatic passport and matching Australian Visa and worked about a year at High Commissioner’s official residence. She left the place in May 2016 and her diplomatic immunity revoked and later in 2021 was granted Australian citizenship.

The single bench of Justice Elizabeth Draper observed “ employment conditions bore no resemblance to what one would expect under Australian “. Draper just forgot that High Commission staff are paid as per Indian law. She must have been fully aware that neither the Ministry of External Affairs of India nor Suri (he retired in 2019) took part in this “ unlawfull” court proceedings in Australia. The Indian MEA has not even issued a Statement so far.

 It is now very clear that who all are behind Shergill. This is just a continuation of efforts of a few American, Canadian and even Australian citizens who support terrorism and propagate creation of a separate Country named “ KHALISTAN “. Instead of creating one on the soils of Canada, Trudeau, acting in supporter, tried to intimidate India and in return received a tight ‘slap ‘.

So let’s hope that Indo Australian relationship, which is on the upswing, does not get affected by such foolish acts. The court order can be thrown into the Tasmanian Sea.