Pakistan should peacefully vacate Occupied Kashmir

Pakistan should peacefully vacate Occupied Kashmir


Pakistan should peacefully vacate Occupied Kashmir

Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has reiterated his country’s strong resolve to maintain peace in the region, but added that sustainable peace in South Asia was linked to the resolution of Jammu and Kashmir issue in line with the UN resolutions and the wishes of Kashmiris, and nothing short of it would work.

“We want permanent peace with India through dialogue as war is not an option for either of the countries,” The News quoted the premier as saying said while speaking to a group of students from the Harvard University.

Mr Sharif, you are absolutely wrong. There are only two options left. Either Pakistan vacates POK on its own or India will get it vacated and regain its lost territory. So please don’t force another war, your country just cannot afford it.

Islamabad should have had competition with India in trade, economy and improving the conditions of its people. Instead it kept resorting to war with India. The next one will finish it completely. Pakistan has been an aggressor since 1948. It should give up its nuclear assets and the army should function as part of the democratic set up and protect the Democracy

The Prime Minister was addressing a delegation of students and held a candid discussion about contemporary challenges Pakistan was facing today.

In response to a question about the national economy and the IMF program, the premier said that Pakistan’s economic crisis stem from structural problems along with political instability in the recent decades.

He said the first few decades since the inception of Pakistan witnessed impressive growth across all sectors of the economy when there were plans, national will and the implementation mechanism to produce outcomes.

“Overtime, we lost the edge in sectors in which we were ahead. The lack of focus, energy and policy action led to reduction in national productivity.”