Pakistan Will Now Pay The Price For All Its Sin Since 1990

Pakistan Will Now Pay The Price For All Its Sin Since 1990


Pakistan Will Now Pay The Price For All Its Sin Since 1990

Colonel Awadhesh Kumar, Special Forces

44 personnel of Central Reserve Police Force were killed in Pulwama in the worst suicide bombing in Kashmir, an attack claimed by Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), proscribed as terror group since 2002 by the UN.

However in a comment piece published in the nationalistic tabloid Global Times of China — affiliated to the Communist Party of China’s (CPC) mouthpiece, People’s Daily — dismissed the entire episode as a minor thing. It also brushed aside the anguish of the Indian people.

Global Times wants India to produce solid evidence regarding involvement of Pakistan in the terrorist activities inside the State of Jammu & Kashmir. It said that India should focus on redrawing its anti-terrorism policy rather than blaming Pakistan without evidence for the Pulwama attack and holding China responsible for blocking efforts to list JeM chief, Masood Azhar, as a terrorist at the UN also without proof, Chinese state media has said.

Well, instead of asking proof from India, Global Times should this time read the tea leaves carefully and must instead advice its own Government, that now India does not feel like giving proof to any one regarding any thing. Now India is determined to Act and it is Pakistan which will be running to Dragon Dada or Uncle Sam, very badly mauled and full of broken bones.

This time, the terrorist outfits, their backers the Pakistan Army, the Government of Pakistan and even the people of Pakistan, all will be paying a very heavy price for the outrage done. No power on earth is going to save them from this. India is now ready and determined and ready to call the Nuclear Bluff of Pakistan also in case required.

India is also ready to face all those who support Pakistan and its sponsored terrorism and there will be no ifs and buts in this. So China should refrain from talking about different Kashmirs, as entire Kashmir is Indian. China should also not talk about Azhar and ask for proofs, none will be given, because now he is a marked man. The mad dog will be hunted down even if he is hiding in the official residence of the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

China has every reason to cautiously handle the issue, as an enraged India too will ask openly about the Chinese atrocities being carried out against the peace loving people of Tibet and the rampage of Chinese in Xinginiang Province. By blocking India’s bid to proscribe Azhar, China is clearly supporting terrorism.

Time is now running out for all terrorist outfits operating from the soil of Pakistan.