Philippines determined to counter Chinese military threat

Philippines determined to counter Chinese military threat


Philippines determined to counter Chinese military threat

Philippines commitment to strengthening its defence capabilities is evident in the planned acquisitions of BRAHMOS missiles and various other military assets, including C-130J-30 Super Hercules tactical airlifters, Acero-class gunboats, landing dock platforms, corvettes, and offshore patrol vessels. The country has also taken the decision to acquire submarines. This indicates its determination to address evolving security challenges effectively.

The operational deployment of the BrahMos missile system a part of Philippines’ military modernization efforts, has really upgraded its defence capabilities against PLAN whose ships keep intruding into its territorial waters and threaten its Sovereignty. In the face of an increasingly assertive China, the Philippines has accelerated its acquisition plans, earmarking a significant budget for defence operations in 2024.

The Philippines has now enhanced its maritime deterrence capabilities against China in the South China Sea with the delivery of the Indian-made BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. This strategic acquisition, signed in 2022, signifies a new resolve in safeguarding the nation’s extensive coastline and asserting territorial sovereignty.

The BrahMos missiles, have entered service with the Philippines’ Navy The induction of these supersonic cruise missiles not only fortifies the country’s response capabilities but also sends a resounding geostrategic signal to potential adversaries about its unwavering commitment to defending its territorial claims.

Amidst growing tensions in the South China Sea, the Philippines is emerging as a key player in the region by joining the select group of Southeast Asian nations equipped with supersonic anti-ship cruise missile capabilities. The BrahMos system adds a formidable layer of defence, aligning with the nation’s broader military modernization plans.

 Around twenty-one Philippines Marines have completed intensive hands-on training focused on operating and maintaining the BrahMos anti-ship supersonic cruise missile. This training, conducted between January 23 and February 11, 2023, enhances te operational readiness and also underscores the commitment to effective utilization of this advanced weaponry.