Philippines Set To Acquire BRAHMOS Missiles And Helicopters From India

Philippines Set To Acquire BRAHMOS Missiles And Helicopters From India


Philippines Set To Acquire BRAHMOS Missiles And Helicopters From India

China has been arming Pakistan for a long time in a hope that Pakis will be able to counter India. Recently they have handed over a latest design frigate and are constructing seven more along with eight submarines. The list is long.

However, now it seems that India too has been successful in show casing its weapons and equipment, especially its game changer BRAHMOS cruise missile. This missile in different versions is capable of taking on any intruding naval Flotilla including those led by even nuclear powered aircraft carriers.

It seems that The Philippines have decided to go for this highly potent force multiplier the BRAHMOS missiles to stop any planned intrusion or bullying by PLAN of China.

The Government budget department has released initial funding worth nearly Peso 5 billion for the armed forces’ planned acquisition of shore-based anti-ship missile system and combat utility helicopters from India.

The Philippines was expected to place orders for BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missiles under a government-to-government deal with Indian Government.

Earlier this year, The Philippines and India signed an “implementing agreement” for the likely procurement of BRAHMOS missile and other Indian defence equipment.

Two special allotment release orders (SARO), worth Peso 1.3 billion and Peso 1.535 billion, were issued by the Department of Budget Management (DBM) last Dec. 27 for the shore-based anti-ship missile system for the Philippine Navy.

The SARO Permits the Department of National Defence to finalize the contract.

A senior security official has indicated that a notice of award (NOA), a written confirmation of the grant of a contract to a successful project proponent, is currently “on process” for the missile system.

The BRAHMOS missile system, can be used for both coastal defence and ground attack. This would boost Philippine military firepower in the face of threats to its maritime territory, coming mainly from Chinese aggression in the Philippines sea (South China Sea as called by the Chinese ).

A SARO worth Peso 1.6 billion was also issued by the DBM last Dec. 27 to cover the initial funding for combat utility helicopters of the DHRUV variety for the Philippine Air Force.

Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana had earlier announced that the DBM has approved the funding for additional 32 Black Hawk combat utility helicopters worth Peso32 billion and six offshore patrol vessels for the Philippine Navy worth Peso 30 billion.

On Tuesday (Dec. 28), Lorenzana signed a Peso 28 billion contract with South Korea’s Heavy Hyundai Industries for two corvettes for the Philippine Navy.