Radio Chinar 90.4 FM-An Indian Army Initiative In Kashmir Valley

Radio Chinar 90.4 FM-An Indian Army Initiative In Kashmir Valley


Radio Chinar 90.4 FM-An Indian Army Initiative In Kashmir Valley

Radio Chinar 90.4 FM bring endless amazing stories with daily news, weather update, COVID-19 update, and musical shows

In the age of digitalization, radio is still an important tool to bridge the gap between hearts. Radio Chinar 90.4 FM, an initiative by Army is playing a pivotal role in bringing people together.

The Twitter handle, Radio Chinar 90.4 FM is a great source of information pertaining to all kind of matters like daily news, weather update, COVID-19 update, interesting interviews and a source of entertainment with its different variety of musical shows.

Despite the fact that the world has various entertainment sources such as television, web series, music applications, and music on demand available over the internet, radio still affects many immensely, intimately, person-to-person, offering a world of unspoken communication between writer-speaker and the listener.

Radio Chinar 90.4 FM, one of its kind Community Radio Station located at North Kashmir’s Mazbug, Sopore is the living example of the epitome of radio-human relations. Launched recently in Mar 2021, Radio Chinar 90.4 FM has become an essential part of each Shopping mall, Shop, Commuting Car, Passenger Bus, and home.

It has become popular amongst all age groups because of its streamlined guest shows bringing new, inspiring and sensational stories for its listener every day. The guests of Radio Chinar 90.4 FM of the previous week brought to us some amazing and thought-provoking narratives that were well received by the listeners. Series of the well descriptive counselling sessions, dedicated to the future of Kashmir, was unleashed which is helping students to make sound decisions while opting streams for their higher education.

Recently, Radio Chinar’s guest was Waqar Khan who belongs from Karnah, located in Kupwara District of Jammu and Kashmir. His euphonious voice and humble stage presence have made him one of the most loved singers and performers of Jammu and Kashmir. His expansive exploration, mindful attention to the convoluted details both in terms of the notes and expression, makes his singing reasonably scrumptious. He predominantly sings in various languages like Urdu, Punjabi, Pahadi, and Kashmiri

Another young talent Afshan Ashiq from the valley was interviewed by a radio chinar. Afshan is captain and goalkeeper of the J&K women’s football team that is getting exposure at the national level and competing in the Indian Women’s League. The 23-year-old also plays for a Mumbai club and has even inspired a Bollywood biopic on her life.

The list of such amazing stories brought forward by Radio Chinar 90.4 FM is endless. To reach out to maximum people, Radio Chinar 90.4 FM has also got a Twitter to handle @RadioChinarFM which also brings out the latest interviews, discussions, and stories of many famous people of Kashmir on our digital platforms.

The Twitter handle has got around 8K followers from around the world and aims at bringing snippets of stories and shows for its followers to inspire them with new things every day and lighten their mood.

The Twitter handle is growing popular day by day with its increasing followership. Its content is getting wide appreciation on social media and has become a trending Radio Station. Now Radio Chinar has started special video series on all Digital platforms of Radio Chinar and RC is getting good and positive responses from the listeners.