This statement of Rajdeep Sardesai backfired when he tried to denigrate PM...

This statement of Rajdeep Sardesai backfired when he tried to denigrate PM Modi…


On March 9, at India Today conclave revolutionary reporter Rajdeep Sardesai was awarded a befitting reply from Jayant sinha,Minister of state civil aviation.

In a panel discussion after the opening address of Sonia Gandhi, Rajdeep Sardesai began by asking Jayant Sinha if the poll promise to create 1 crore jobs per year made by Narendra Modi were just ‘jumlas’.

Replying to the statement made by Rajdeep, Jayant sinha said “It’s not about the missing jobs, rather it’s about the missing data regarding the jobs created.I will let the citizens of India decide the fact.”

Being asked about the “pakoda” statement made by Prime minister Narendra Modi, Sinha said “If you come to Jhanda chowk in Hazaribagh,i will take you to Satya Narayan ji (a pakoda seller).And by knowing about his income you too will opt to become a “pakoda seller” leaving your journalism.

He also referred to Arvind Panagariya’s remarks on lack of accurate jobs data when he was at the NITI Aayog. Mr Sinha added that NITI Aayog was currently doing an in-depth analysis of the matter. In addition to this he referred to the EPFO study done by an IIM professor and SBI economist. The jobs created from MUDRA Yojana’s support were also not captured by the jobs data as per the minister. He said that the 1 million jobs in Ola and Uber drivers were not taken into account.

Even President had to teach manners to Rajdeep.

In a candid interview with Rajdeep Sardesai, Mr Mukherjee said that he shared an excellent relationship with PM Narendra Modi and that both of them had huge mutual respect for each other despite having political differences.

But the highlight of the interview was the moment when Mr Mukherjee got infuriated with Rajdeep’s questions, and asked him to behave properly with the former president of India.

Mr Sardesai had apparently raised his voice while continuously asking Mr Mukherjee about his views on the Government and seeking a sharp reaction from him. It was here that Mr Mukherjee felt he had enough and reprimanded Mr Sardesai.

Mr mukherjee reminded Rajdeep, whom he was talking to and the ethics he must follow while asking a question to the former “President of the Nation”.