Rendezvous with Ram : Ayodhya gets spruced up ahead of big day

Rendezvous with Ram : Ayodhya gets spruced up ahead of big day


Rendezvous with Ram : Ayodhya gets spruced up ahead of big day

The Uttar Pradesh government is planning to spruce up Ayodhya city and is exploring the possibility of additional greenfield development to cater to the needs of tourists.

The number of pilgrims and tourists would increase manifold once the Ram temple construction gets completed, in the next three years, according to the administration.

Some estimates suggest that the number of people visiting the temple would be close to the number of pilgrims visiting Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Initial discussion has started within the state administration to explore possibilities for in-situ and fresh development in the city, according to sources. They added that development of Ayodhya tops the agenda of the state as it wants to improve the city to cope up with the pressure on infrastructure.

News Agency has learnt that the state government would seek assistance from the Centre as well since the upgradation of existing facilities and new development would require sizeable funds.

Sources said chief minister Yogi Adityanath directed officials at a meeting held on Tuesday to create the best facilities in the city. “There is a thought to make the city better for people and visitors. If we don’t start on every front including connectivity, infrastructure, beautification and facilities for tourists from now on, it would be late,” said a source.

The Centre provides financial assistance to cities under AMRUT scheme for infrastructure related to improving drinking water supply, creating green open space and for sewage management.

The road transport ministry has expedited the construction of all approved links to the city including the beautification of the Ayodhya bypass.