Salute To The Martyrs

Salute To The Martyrs


Salute To The Martyrs

Very sad..our brave hearts are willing to sacrifice themselves in the name of unit and nation..but is it worth.. having served in insurgency for many years and even after loosing men..we need to rethink.. such losses are never ending.

Very sad indeed!! May the departed soul Of brave hearts Rest in Peace. May Almighty give strength to the dear ones to bear the irreparable loss.

After the Pakis lost in 1971 we had 20 years of Peace!

Their Military has to be made to lose face in front of their own people only then will they back down.

 To be able to do this we have to invest in our own Military so that we can deliver a body blow within no time of any such dastardly act. Only such demonstrated capabilities will deter them. All those who do such terrorist act and all those who support them and aid them must be made to pay.

 Pakistan Military is busy siphoning off their National Wealth for themselves telling their people that it’s only they are capable of stopping India from gobbling them up! When the people of Pakistan see that their Military can’t stand up to the Indians then they would question their authority to gobble up a large share of the National Pie!