Sharad Pawar On Pragya Thakur : “Malegaon Accused Will Be In Parliament”

Sharad Pawar On Pragya Thakur : “Malegaon Accused Will Be In Parliament”


“Malegaon Accused Will Be In Parliament”: Sharad Pawar On Pragya Thakur

Nationalist Congress Party Chief Sharad Pawar also hit out at the BJP for fielding candidates like Pragya Thakur

It is not appropriate for a political party to select candidates like Pragya Thakur, Sharad Pawar said.

Nationalist Congress Party Chief Sharad Pawar attacked the BJP on Monday for fielding Malegaon blast accused Pragya Singh Thakur from Bhopal in the Lok Sabha elections and said that people like her, with serious charges against them, will listen to the President’s speech in the parliament

Speaking at an event in Mumbai to mark the 20th anniversary of his party, he said “The session of Parliament begins tomorrow. Members of both the Houses attend the joint address of President. People with serious cases against them will also be there.”

“One of them is Pragya Thakur, who won elections in Madhya Pradesh and is in power. She has several cases against her–Malegaon blast case, murder of a BJP worker and others. It is not appropriate for a political party and the democracy to give a ticket to such a candidate,” he said.

Mr Pawar added that there has been a surge in communal ideology in India, barring just a few states. “It is there in Parliament, the central government. People are there are working to broaden the base of their divisive ideology,” he said.

On the Malegaon blast case, Mr Pawar said, “When the investigation began, young men from minority communities were held. The blast happened on a Friday in a masjid, when people had gathered to worship. I had then said that no Muslim would carry out the attack.”

“In the probe, there honest officers like Hemant Karkare. He and his team had arrested Pragya Thakur. Someone like her will attend the President’s address tomorrow,” he said.

The NCP chief also targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the manner in which he carried out his election campaign. “Unfortunately, he tried to divide the country on religious lines. The BJP may have got political benefit out of it,” he said.

“A PM finds it difficult to spare even half an hour for himself, given the responsibility. But you PM Modi sat for 24 hours in the cave. What message did he give?”, Mr Pawar asked.