Shirish Kunder Made Atrocious Statement On BJP, Got Trolled And Grilled By...

Shirish Kunder Made Atrocious Statement On BJP, Got Trolled And Grilled By People


Shirish Kunder, Husband of Bollywood Director Farah Khan, is known for his anti Hindu and Anti BJP comments. As from time to time he keeps making statements against PM Modi.

Even in June he made statement in support of Rohingyas and also in support of Padmawati. This time he spoke against EVMs and he commented that No matter who you vote, the vote goes to BJP Only. He Said:

But people trolled him badly, people also exposed him and taunted him about his flop films.

People commented about the incident when Shirish was slapped by Shahrukh Khan in a Party

The person below exposed shirish and showed him the news of SP leader who was caught lying about EVM’s

People below went a step ahead and mentioned Shirish as Maid of Farah Khan.

Earlier, With a section of opposition parties raising doubts about the use of Electronic Voting Machine (EVMs) just days ahead of the high profile Gujarat assembly elections, Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday stressed on the need to bring transparency in the entire electoral process.

“Nowadays people have started questioning the voting process through EVMs. We are all worried. We will request the Election Commission to bring in electoral reforms. Things can’t go on like this,” she said while addressing party workers during a public meeting in Kolkata.

With Aam Aadmi Party alleging that the BJP’s recent victory in Uttar Pradesh civic polls were due to ‘EVM tampering’, Mamata too raised the stink.

“You are planning to steal votes with 5000 crores worth vaccum machine, EVM machine! That money could be used for electoral reforms, and there will be transparency and accountability in democracy,” she said.

Banerjee alleged that the ruling BJP was threatening political opponents using the Income Tax department. “Despite being the poorest party, it pains me to say that every other day they are sending us income tax notices. We are a party of beggars, we have nothing and therefore struggle to meet our election expenses.

No one can fight elections without funds. That’s why we have been vocal about electoral reforms. We don’t want political parties to spend money for elections.

I have been advocating this for over two decades now,” she said.
“They (BJP) are accusing our leaders of taking money for polls. But the Election Commission allows raising of funds to fight elections.

We have to depend on donations to fund our campaigns or else where will we get the money? Rarely do people fund an election with one’s own money. And this is applicable for all parties,” Banerjee added.