Shocking Incident : Big Smuggling caught by CISF at Hyderabad Airport

Shocking Incident : Big Smuggling caught by CISF at Hyderabad Airport


A shocking incident recently came to light when the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) detected gold in the shoes of a man.

The man was caught at the Shamshabad airport on Saturday. The accused was trying to smuggle gold in the powder form.

The CISF personnel caught the man while frisking him at the airport. The accused was allegedly carrying gold powder in his shoes. The accused had allegedly landed from Dubai.

According to the Deccan Chronicle’s report, the accused had taken an Air India flight which arrived at the Shamshabad airport at 5.40 pm. The accused was headed towards another flight when he was caught by the CISF.

As a part of the regular checking, the security personnel were scanning the accused and his luggage with a metal detector. The accused has been identified as Nariyalwala Muhammadsaad Muhammadsuhel. The accused was taking another flight to Mumbai.

While checking the accused, CISF assistant sub-inspector Satyajeet Balyan caught two packets of gold powder in the shoes of the accused. The gold was 478 grams and is worth Rs 1.5 lakh. The officer stated that the accused has confessed to his crime. No documents related to the gold were found with the accused and it has been seized under the Customs Act.

This incident came to light a day after the Ghaziabad police confiscated 100 kgs fo gold. The gold was being transported from Delhi to Haridwar. The consignment was seized in Kadrabad, Modinagar.

The police detained the van driver, cashier and two security guards in relation with the case. It was also added that no authorisation letter or purchase invoice were found with the consignment. The Income tax department was also informed about the case.