Signs Of New Dangers In The Indian Neighborhood

Signs Of New Dangers In The Indian Neighborhood


Signs Of New Dangers In The Indian Neighborhood

By Colonel Krityanand Das

Though a vast country, still China is Still a resource starved country. It has 23% of the world population and only 7% of the arable land of the world. This forced the Chinese people to eat any thing and everything. China required money to buy food for their people or face revolt. This had forced China to take up all the dirty industries of the western world, some forty years ago.

This polluted the Chinese cities and also their country sides. The Chinese rivers and waterbodies are so polluted that it has lost all its biomass. No Chinese river and water bodies has any fish or any insect. That is why China has occupied the entire South China Sea so that they can fish in its troubled waters and feed the Chinese people. China is hoarding 50% of the grain of the world. Every year the purchase is ever increasing.

The Chinese have virtually got hold of much of Eastern Africa for both production of grains and siphoning out the other mineral resources. The corrupt politicians of most African countries have pushed their countries into debt trap taking personal bribes and other financial benefits. It’s now virtually a Chinese continent south of Sahara.

It has got foothold in the Subcontinent by buying Pakistani military and political leadership through financial favours and bribes. CPEC that runs from Kashgar to Karachi and beyond is now virtually Chinese territory. Something similar to spread of East India Company’s footholds and influence from Madras to Calcutta in mid eighteenth century and what followed that, is history and its repeat will be very sad and very bad as it was in the past.

CEPEC is virtually a Chinese corridor protected by Pakistani military men under Chinese direction. It was Army of Indians which had protected the East India Company. No of incidents have occurred where the Chinese workers have misbehaved with the local population as if they were the new colonial power and Pakistani authorities have tolerated these misbehaviour. This has forced locals to take law into their hands and sometimes back the Chinese workers have been targeted and few have lost their lives and the Chinese have asked for compensation for the same. And a cash starved Pakistan is finding it difficult to pay thus annoying their new masters further.

A move is on in China to relocate their dirty industries on this corridor, so that in times to come the pollution level within China will decrease with relocation of these industries and improve air and water in the Main Land. And some low grade, less paid jobs which Chinese will not like to do in their new colony will go to Pakistanis. Giving a look of benefit in the new colony.

As the CPEC corridor moves hugging the India’s western border, in the times to come, the dirt will flow in the local rivers and pollutants will float in the air. A new chemical war front will be opened 24×7 all the year long along its western borders.

Similar fate may fall in the plains of Nepal. Most of the rivers of UP and Bihar will be polluted to such an extent that they will lose their biomass and become rivers with out fish as it has happened in China. And the air will be filled with smog and other harmful chemicals.

With industries the presence of Chinese population will increase and its military elements will sneak and establish it permanence for the sake of protection of the assets created.

As it is we have seen wherever the Chinese debt traps in name of infrastructural developments has commenced it has led to the collapse of the local economy. Pakistan and Sri Lanka are the two examples. Not only they are losing sovereign rights over their own territories but ruining their economies as well. And living from one loan to other loan for running their establishments and preventing starvation and break down of law and order. Making themselves a sick state.

That no country will like to see their neighbourhood to go into such traps, certainly not India. For once that happens the consequences will be bad, with burden of fleeing refugee and rogue elements going fundamental. Afghanistan is a living example.

China’s indulgence and influence is growing rapidly in our neighbourhood. Pakistan was a rogue state from very beginning as it was created by parasitic rogue Asarafia elite of the subcontinent’s Muslims in name of Two Nation Theory and easily given away by another rogue parasitic Dwij elite of the Subcontinent’s Hindus. Leaving Sudra-Pasmanda Proletariat of the subcontinent to bear the burnt of both partition and its subsequent fall outs since then.

The Chinese have made inroads in to Bangladesh.

They have toppled a democratic set up in Myanmar and replaced it with a Military Government that will eat from Chinese hands and do their biddings.

The Chinese were ousted from Maldives and are trying all tricks in their trade to make a come back the second time.

What should India do:

 Act your weight and punch above your weight.

Do not shy away from calling China names where it deserves one.

China has proved Umpteen times that it is our enemy and not friend.

China was never our neighbours.It claims to be one by occupying our neighbours land forcibly that is Tibet, Eastern Turkistan and Yannum north of Myanmmar.

We must stand with our neighbourhood and help them to throw out the occupier.

Tell the present nations of so-called South Asia to resist Chinese influence and presence. Failing which they should be ready to face the consequences. That is change in governments or going through civil wars.

Disintegration of Pakistan must be initiated as matter of our state policy. And moving towards a Confederacy of South Asian States gradually moving towards some sort of mutually agreed nationhood with betterment of the social and economic masses.

 The dirty duo called Nixon and Kissinger created a Frankenstein Monster that Nixon feared and yet created that is the Rise of China. And it will certainly disturb the world order and has already started to do so. Since America is far away, it may or may not bear the burnt directly but India being so close in proximity and already feeling the heat has to pull its weight around and punch above its weight.

It’s time we prepare to take our rightful place in the World order, economically, politically and militarily. Alternative is to perish and get enslaved.