Taliban Emerge In PoK For Destination Xinjiang

Taliban Emerge In PoK For Destination Xinjiang


Taliban Emerge In PoK For Destination Xinjiang

Provincial president of Awami National Party Aimal Wali Khan said the emergence of the Taliban in Gilgit Baltistan in PoK is “very disturbing.” It will change the very core of the region.

India is closely watching the situation and ready for any misadventure which may be attempted by the Taliban to move into Ladakh. However China should be worried because the Taliban must be planning for a move into Xinjiang region for their next “ revolution “.

Aimal Wali Khan added that Pakistan has been making the mistake of repeating history by welcoming Tehreek-e-Taliban, a Pakistan-based terrorist group, into the region.

“Those who are declaring Afghanistan the graveyard of governments should listen carefully that now Afghanistan will prove to be a graveyard for the powers who are supporting terrorists and dreaming of conquering Afghanistan,” Khan said.

Khan warned that people from Pakistan’s Punjab, Islamabad and the Taliban who are targeting peace and resources of Pakhtuns are uniting together to achieve their goal and said that “Islamabad has to recognize the sovereignty of Afghanistan and change its policy towards Afghanistan.”

Deputy Chairman of Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PKMAP) also criticised Islamabad for its actions towards Afghanistan and tweeted that “Pakistan is denying to the world for last four decades of interfering in Afghanistan’s internal matters but actually they are doing so and playing a double game.”

Meanwhile, the Taliban’s forays in Afghanistan are being observed closely in neighbouring Pakistan.

Earlier, an editorial in Pakistan publication ‘Jasarat’ described the “US military defeat in Afghanistan as also the defeat of the entire Western powers”.

It further noted that “the humiliating retreat of the USA. the world’s most powerful colonial and imperialistic power from Afghanistan was an important event in human history and that the most expensive war in American history did not achieve its goals.

According to the editorial, “the biggest lesson of American defeat in Afghanistan is that even if a small group believes in the power of Allah…., it will win and succeed.”

Earlier, the Express Daily reposed Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Jul) district Quetta Chief Shaikh Ul Hadis Maulana Abdul Rafiq’s statement that only the Taliban deserved the credit for defeating the US, while the entire world including Pakistan was supporting the US.