The Eternal Truth

The Eternal Truth


The Eternal Truth


Brig BL Poonia, VSM (Retd)

_We all know that the eternal truth is :

_”इक दिन बिक जाएगा, माटी के मोल,_

_जग में रह जाएंगे, प्यारे तेरे बोल.”_

*_But when one has the power and potential to sell oneself for Rs 100/- crore per month, does it make any sense waiting for that इक दिन ? No, of course not. That would be the most foolish thing to do, because that would be totally undervaluing and underestimating yourself. And this “ho-hallah”, in any case, would die down in a few days.

*_Shri Sharad Pawar has already defended the case very strongly and announced that there is no question of the Honourable Home Minister resigning. Lesson : “Honourable people don’t resign for dis-honourable allegations.” This is the first law of political morality.

* We shall investigate, only in case any senior political leaders are involved. This is called the second law of firing a political smoke screen.

* Only Parambir Singh is responsible for reinstating Sachin Waze, an ex Shiv Sainik, who rejoined Police, 16 years after being suspended on charges of murder, and also for giving him an extremely powerful position, by appointing him as the head of Criminal Intelligence Unit, Mumbai. Shri Udhav ji and the Home Minister have neither any role, nor any interest in such minor issues. They were simply busy planning the progress of the poor public. This is the third law of political hoodwinking.

* And last but not the least, “There is no danger to the Aghadi Sarkar.” In fact that’s the core issue; the rest are all peripheral issues, not worth wasting time upon. The centripetal force keeping the three political parties, with different political ideologies, together, as none wants to lose power, is much more stronger than the centrifugal force of ‘political morality’ trying to pull them out. This is called the fourth law of political gravity.

*He never said that the Honourable Home Minister would resign on moral grounds, or for facilitating a fair, impartial and unbiased inquiry. Those, in any case, are superfluous grounds. So the message is loud and clear, as he has assured that : ये बिरहा ये दूरी, दो पल की मजबूरी, is only a temporary one. फिर कोई दिलवाला काहे को घबराये ?

*And so the life continues; yes, it must : धारा, तो बहती है, बहके रहती है,बहती धारा बन जा, फिर दुनिया से डोल. And just don’t waste your precious time on this meaningless eternal truth : इक दिन बिक जाएगा, माटी के मोल.

*And let’s not forget that it makes no difference, after having lived an extremely powerful, ultra rich, and super luxurious life, whether or not : जग में रह जाएंगे, प्यारे तेरे बोल. Because the million dollar question still baffling us is : “Even if your words don’t remain after you leave the planet Earth, more so because you didn’t, in any case, utter any good ones either, would it make any difference ‘monetarily’ ?”

 *Well, the answer is ‘no’, rather a capital ‘NO’. Then why waste your precious time on these non issues like : जग में रह जाएंगे, प्यारे तेरे बोल ? Don’t we have better monthly targets to achieve ? Aren’t the 1750 bars, restaurants and hookah parlours in Mumbai, with tremendous money generating potential, simply far too lucrative and precious, much more than the old lost friends ?अनहोनी पग में काँटें लाख बिछाए, होनी तो फिर भी बिछड़ा यार मिलाए. And that’s called the law of higher political vision, which can only be achieved by positive thinking.

*So the one, single, simple and politically precious lesson learnt is : Have a positive approach in life and bash on regardless, without bothering about the allegations labelled by a piddly little govt servant. Just treat this servant, the way, a ‘good maalik’ would treat a ‘bad servant’. This is called the age old technique and political tactics of ‘Use and Throw’. And having applied all the political laws, techniques and tactics efficiently, continue to move forward, humming : ला ला ललल्लल्ला…….