Tibetans protest against China in Vienna on their National Uprising Day

Tibetans protest against China in Vienna on their National Uprising Day


Tibetans protest against China in Vienna on their National Uprising Day

Tibet a free nation which has been under forced occupation of Communist China’s PLA since 1958. Tibetans on the occasion of National Uprising Day on 10th March organised a huge protest on Friday (local time) in front of Chinese Embassy against the Chinese Communist Party in Vienna, Austria.

Tibetan Uprising Day, observed on March 10, commemorates the 1959 Tibetan uprising against the presence of the People’s Republic of China in Tibet.

The protest started at 10.00 hrs and continued till 11.00. Around 150 Tibetan diaspora members participated in this protest.

At 1100 hr a peaceful March from the Chinese embassy to Stephanplatz, Vienna was organised. At Stephanplatz, a one-hour demonstration against the atrocities committed by CCP in Tibet were highlighted and anti-China pamphlets were distributed.

Also senior community members spoke about the current situation of Tibet and how CCP is executing minorities in China and suppressing the basic human rights by denying freedoms speech, freedom of worship and right to protest.

Tibetan diaspora was led by President Nawang Lobsang Taglung. A Vienna based NGO Voices against Autocracy also supported this protest and its members participated in this demonstration.

Protesters were carrying anti CCP posters and flag of Tibetan. Nawang said that the fight for Freedom of Tibet will continue in future.

Meanwhile, Central Tibetan Administration issued a statement on the 64th anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising Day and expressed the Tibetan people’s sincere gratitude and appreciation to India for providing them a second home and its unwavering support as well as to the United States and other Governments, Parliamentary Tibet Support Groups including the newly-formed Parliamentary Tibet Support Groups in Mexico and Spain following the Eighth World Parliamentarians’ Convention on Tibet, Tibet Support Groups and individuals who supported truth and justice.

“On this solemn occasion, we remember and honour our compatriots and martyrs who have given their lives for the cause of Tibet. We stand in solidarity with their family members and with those who are still suffering under the oppression of the PRC`s occupation,” read Kashag’s statement.

The invasion of Tibet by the Chinese Communist Government led to the death of an estimated 1.2 million Tibetans, destruction of more than 6,000 monasteries, as well as deforestation and destruction of wildlife and exploitation of mineral resources.

Moreover, China in the name of combating separatism and maintaining social stability, is controlling every movement of Tibetans with measures more draconian than the time of the Cultural Revolution.

Last month, a so-called “Regulations on Network and Information Security” in TAR came into force. It tasked government departments, state and public organs above the county level to monitor and control information on the internet. The regulation criminalises even forming and participating in social media group with “separatist forces”.

The Chinese government has intensified its campaign of forcibly indoctrinating Tibetans including students, nomads, farmers and even monks and nuns with communist ideology. Large-scale collection of data from Tibetans through DNA extraction, Iris scan and facial recognition are being carried in the name of social management.

For a peaceful world, China must negotiate with India to first demarcate the Indo Tibetan border. Thereafter all can again sit down for demarcation of China Tibet border. N3xt step will before the PLA to move out of Tibet so that the present Tibet Govt in 3xile in Dharamshala can move back to Tibet.