Time has come for some Tough Action by MEA against Canada

Time has come for some Tough Action by MEA against Canada


Time has come for some Tough Action by MEA against Canada

The Ministry of External Affairs on Saturday summoned the High Commissioner of Canada after the security breach at the Indian embassy in Ottawa.

However now mere summoning will not do. India needs to take some tough action against the Canadian govt in the “ language that they understand “, to drive some sense.

“The High Commissioner of Canada was summoned yesterday to convey our strong concern about the actions of separatist and extremist elements against our diplomatic Mission and Consulates in Canada this week,” the MEA said in a statement released on Sunday.

The statement by the MEA said the Government of India sought an explanation on how such elements were allowed, in the presence of police, to breach the security of India’s diplomatic missions and Consulates.

“The Government of Canada was reminded of its obligations under the Vienna Convention and was asked to arrest and prosecute the individuals who have already been identified as being involved in such acts,” the statement read further.

The Canadian government is expected to take strong steps against such anti-India separatist elements, the Ministry of External Affairs said.

“It is expected that the Canadian government will take all steps which are required to ensure the safety of our diplomats and security of our diplomatic premises so that they are able to fulfil their normal diplomatic functions,” the release said.

Khalistan supporters allegedly protested outside the Indian Embassy in Canada last week. They raised pro-Khalistan slogans and allegedly assaulted Indian-origin journalists present at the spot.

The Khalistan supporters have started targeting Indian consulates after the chase on separatist leader Amritpal Singh started in India and hundreds of his aides were arrested in India.

After Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, the High Commission of India in Canada was also targeted by Khalistani supporters this week.

The honorary consulate of India was vandalised with Khalistani flags earlier in February. Recently, Indian consulates in the United Kingdom and the United States were also attacked by pro-Khalistan supporters.