Today Special : National Plant a Flower Day

Today Special : National Plant a Flower Day


Today Special : National Plant a Flower Day

National Plant Flower Day is on March 12 every year. We don’t know about you, but flowers make us an infinitely nicer and happier bunch! We love how they’re just meant to bloom — no questions asked. The flower’s approach to life is worth emulating! Not only do they bring us joy, but there’s a flower for virtually every mood. Whether expressing grief, love, gratitude, or appreciation, flowers say it best when words fail us. So let’s spread the love and plant more flowers this National Plant a Flower Day.


Flowers have changed the face of the earth, quite literally, ever since they made an appearance in the Cretaceous period over 145 million years ago. Before flowers, the world was abundant in ferns and conifers – an endless expanse of green idyll.

Thanks to insects and dinosaurs plowing their way across, flowers diversified rapidly. The explosion of plant varieties and color cascaded into the birth of several plant families we know today.

Flowering plants are vital to existence. They’re food sources that provide humans and animals the sustenance we need to survive.

More than anything, flowers have an uplifting quality that captures the imagination. Many flowers bloom just for a short period, usually in spring or early summer. Although short-lived, few things compare to the beauty of flowers in full bloom. Perhaps their transient yet incomparable beauty inspired the symbolic meanings of flowers across various world cultures.

Across civilizations, flowers have retained certain myths and symbolism. Their fragility has come to represent death or new life. Sometimes they represent gods and goddesses too. But, there’s no denying how flowers in full bloom are a universal expression of joy.

During the late 1800s in Europe, a new concept around flowers became popular. These stunning blooms became a way to represent people’s feelings. Communicating through flower arrangements helped articulate the unsaid. Soon, codebooks to decipher the language of flowers would make communication easier. For example, a field clover meant, “When can I see you again?” A red rose petal meant “Yes.” Green flowers signified the receiver’s heart was made of stone!

The days of complex flower codes may be long gone, but flowers continue to bring joy and meaning to our lives. We may never know who came up with National Plant A Flower Day. The real question isn’t ”why?” but “why not?”


  1. Plant a flower : Today is a perfect day to start a garden at home. Plant a flower or several if you’re feeling ambitious! Depending on where you are in the world, choose flowers best suited for planting in March.
  2. Take a walk outside : Take a long walk in a park or garden today. Treat your senses to the sights, sounds, and smells of spring.
  3. Visit the florist : Make a trip down to your neighborhood florist or farmers’ market. Take the opportunity to ask questions — which flowers are in season, how best to grow them. Bring back a bunch of your favorites to brighten those empty nooks at home


  1. Toxic bloom bombs : Keep them away from pets since hydrangea leaves release cyanide when eaten.
  2. An official hydrangea fan club : Hydrangea enthusiasts can become members of the American Hydrangea Society.
  3. This flower is always thirsty : The name hydrangea means ‘water vessel’ in Ancient Greek, referring to the flower’s incredible love for water.
  4. Their colors depend on chemistry : Whether blue, purple, or pink, gardeners need to perfect a soil’s pH to get the desired colors.
  5. They grow everywhere : Although originally from Japan, hydrangeas are found all over the world.


  1. Because spring has truly sprung : National Plant a Flower Day officially welcomes warmer weather. It’s a symbol of new life and enthusiasm to meet the rest of the year head-on. All of us need that kind of energy in our lives
  2. Flowers make the world go round : More flowers, more life. Planting more flowers not only makes the world beautiful but ensures life on earth survives.
  3. Flowers make everything special : Flowers make perfect gifts. They help us express what we’re unable to say out loud.