Top Kashmiri Separatists Will Be Kept Separated From The Mainstream

Top Kashmiri Separatists Will Be Kept Separated From The Mainstream


Top Kashmiri Separatists Will Be Kept Separated From The Mainstream

Things are now changing in Kashmir Valley. The National Policy is now very clear : Terrorists will be hunted down like mad dogs and Separatists will be dealt as per the law on the subject.

There will be no leniency on this issue. Henceforth India will not turn the other cheek to receive another slap. Instead a knock out punch will be delivered on the adversary.

So no wonder, even five months after they were detained, dozens of separatist leaders from the State of Jammu & Kashmir remain imprisoned as the government is now determined to make them pay for advocating merger of the Indian State with Pakistan. This is treason and law will takes its course. In case any of their action has led to loss of any life civilian, police or the military, they will now have to pay for it as law demands.

The removal of these Separatists from the Kashmir Valley is a key aspect in fight against the armed terrorist groups and the inciting of the stone-pelting youths who have been encouraged and paid to agitate against the Government.

The round-up of these vile separatists, who advocate that Jammu & Kashmir joins Pakistan is part of an unprecedented crackdown from India’s government to neuter these hidden serpents backing the armed terrorism sponsored by Pakistan.

Coordinated action includes restrictions on the movement of the few separatists leaders who are still out of jail, prevention of foreign diplomats to meet them, and the recent banning of a number of marginalized separatist organizations.

At least 33 separatists figures — the majority of the leadership are now in jail. Ten of these including Yasin Malik, head of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, one of the most prominent separatist groups — are being held in New Delhi.

The decision to move them to the capital from the State is a deliberate strategy aimed at preventing visits from supporters, according to two sources familiar with the government’s thinking.

Malik and most of the other leaders are being held under the Public Safety Act (PSA), a special law in Jammu and Kashmir state that allows for detention for up to two years without charge. The law was amended last year to allow detainees to be moved out of the state.

Lower-level separatists and associates, numbering around 250 are currently imprisoned. This has broken the back of Pakistan Sponsored terrorism.

Previous governments had treated separatists with kids glove though now the government’s position is much more hard-line.

Ram Madhav, a national general secretary of the BJP, who has a major role in setting policy on Kashmir, indicated currently New Delhi will make no attempt at dialogue. The separatist leadership forfeited their chance when they rejected talks with the Government.

India is also placing increasing pressure on foreign envoys not to meet with those connected with the movement. Two foreign diplomats based in New Delhi said that while the Indian government has no official prohibition on meeting separatist leaders in Kashmir, they are closely monitored while visiting the region and informally deterred from meeting them.

“Meeting separatist leaders in jail or under house arrest is out of the question, but up until a few years ago we used to be able to meet with those that weren’t,” said one of the diplomats, who has visited the region but not met with any separatist leaders.

“Now the government would freak out if I tried. It would risk creating a diplomatic incident between our countries.”

A spokesman for India’s Foreign Ministry said that guidelines for foreign diplomats visiting the region are set by the Home Ministry and include “not meeting person(s) who are indulged in anti-national activities.” India will come down heavily on any country trying to do this, be it UK or even USA. This will not be tolerated any more.