UAE Deports Illegal ‘ECONOMIC MIGRANTS’ From Pakistan

UAE Deports Illegal ‘ECONOMIC MIGRANTS’ From Pakistan


UAE Deports Illegal ‘ECONOMIC MIGRANTS’ From Pakistan

During the second week of August 2022, UAE immigration authorities at Dubai International Airport denied entry to around 80 Pakistani passengers carrying visitor’s visas and soon after they were deported to Pakistan.

The reason for the denial of their entry is said to be that these passengers holding visitor’s visas were carrying bogus return tickets and were not carrying enough cash with them for sustenance in UAE. Although they were carrying valid visitor’s visas, most of them had come with the motive of obtaining employment illegally in UAE.

In recent times, there has been a rise in begging cases in UAE wherein most of them were found to be Pakistani nationals who come to UAE on visitor’s visa seeking a job, but when they are unable to get a job they indulge in these kinds of acts for survival.

The UAE authorities time and again initiate action against them and have learnt to have raised this issue with the Pakistan Embassy/Consulate in UAE but there has been no reduction in these cases.

This action by UAE authorities is seen as a signal for the Pakistan authorities to check on such travellers. Pakistan diplomats in Dubai reportedly met the UAE immigration authorities and new guidelines were finalized for people travelling from Pakistan to UAE.

It was apparently decided that Pakistani citizens need to obtain a valid work visa for employment in UAE if they are coming for employment purposes.

They must hold a valid return ticket and carry a minimum amount of AED 5,000 for their expenses in UAE. It is further learnt that Pakistan authorities have started the implementation of new guidelines at their airports for travellers to UAE.

The deteriorating economic situation in Pakistan is perhaps triggering an exodus of ‘economic migrants’ to other countries. The miseries of Pakistan citizens have been compounded by rising inflation and dwindling job opportunities in the country.

However, Pak immigrants are known for notoriety in countries wherever they have relocated. They have been involved in illegal activities such as petty thefts, drug trafficking, molestation and above all, terrorism.