UN Human Rights High Commissioner’s Silence On Red Fort Violence Deplorable

UN Human Rights High Commissioner’s Silence On Red Fort Violence Deplorable


UN Human Rights High Commissioner’s Silence On Red Fort Violence Deplorable

The Human Rights boss of UN otherwise will try and poke his nose in many things much beyond his charter but has kept quiet on the Republic Day violence in New Delhi . Had the Police taken tougher measures,  then by now he throat would have been soar and his  lyranx nonfunctional .

The Indian government has thus questioned the silence of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Red Fort violence and the issue of terrorism even as the latter continues to rake Kashmir irking Delhi.

India’s comments come after the UN High commissioner raked protest by farmers, Jammu and Kashmir during her oral statement during the ongoing session of the human rights council criticizing New Delhi.

During an India statement, the Permanent Representative of India in Geneva Ambassador Indra Mani Pandey said, “The unprovoked violence on our Republic Day in the name of farmers’ rights, apparently, left her unmoved. Her indifference to terrorism is, of course, not new. Objectivity and impartiality have to be the hallmarks of any Human Rights assessment.”

Pointing, “We are sorry to see that the High Commissioner’s oral update is lacking in both”.

In the past as well there has been a number of run-ins between the Indian government and the UN high commissioner, especially on her silence on the issue of cross-border terror.

Ambassador Indra Mani Pandey during Friday’s statement yet again reminded that “she appeared as oblivious of the enormous efforts made by my government to address the challenges, as indeed of many of the factors driving these challenges.”

Importantly, India during its statement mentioned the farm laws and situation in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

On farm laws, the envoy said, “The purpose of enacting three farm acts is to enable farmers to realize better price for their products and enhance their income” and the Indian government has “shown utmost respect” for protests by farmers and has “remained engaged in dialogue” with them to address their concerns.

On Jammu and Kashmir, he highlighted the rationale of “constitutional changes” of August 2019 of removal of special status which has “given impetus to socio-economic development, ended decades of discrimination”. The union territory recently saw District Development Council (DDC) elections.