Western Europe face challenges posed by Islamic extremism

Western Europe face challenges posed by Islamic extremism


Western Europe face challenges posed by Islamic extremism

By Peter Baum

Muslims make up 24 percent of the world’s population and 49 of the 193 United Nations member states are Muslim. The numerical power of this religion collectively influences the geopolitical world order quite disproportionately. This is stark naked within the Theatre of the Absurd otherwise known as the United Nations. The absurdity is final because the most populous country India is not a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

A Collective bloc manipulates corrupt, subservient, sycophantic stooge rulers of nation states in Africa who act like willing lapdogs to their oil rich Islamic masters. Historical slavery of Africans to Islamists has been reinvigorated. South Africa behaves as the compliant poodle and the Sahel countries such as Niger, Mali and others react similarly. Within three decades western democracies as we know them will soon be copying the Muppets of South Africa. There is but one saving grace that may yet sink my prediction and that is the power of the silent majority and their willingness to use the power of democracy to challenge the wealthy, powerful, totalitarian Islamic theocracies. Unless the demographics continue in the foreseeable future.

Immigration of those coming from Muslim countries into Europe has reached an intolerable level that has undoubtedly given momentum in the recent European elections to those political parties whose main policy is to thwart current immigration levels. Such parties are deemed to be Far Right and Islamophobic by mainstream media for daring to challenge the economic, cultural, and social disadvantages created by an overwhelming number of Muslims into western democracies. The labels of contempt have stuck but the voters, mostly ordinary working-class folk have told the legislators to stop the flow as indicated in the most recent European elections where anti-immigration parties throughout Europe spectacularly outperformed their opponents.

The continuous wave of immigrants has created negative social issues for those wedded to western democratic values and it is no coincidence that support for continued, uncontrolled immigration is being supported by those on the far left of the political divide. Hence it is easy though puerile and incorrect to term those challenging mass immigrations as being Far Right and Islamophobic. Far Right is immediately connected to Nazism and Islamophobia is linked to being racist and hatred of Muslims and these terms are always aimed at those who simply are exhausted and frustrated by witnessing cultural change often by extremists within their societies. Those in areas negatively impacted by mass Muslim immigration are neither and yet the terminology sticks like glue and quite unfairly. Paradoxically those Muslims who have settled into western society through being accepted, nationalized and third or fourth generation mainly adapt to living within their own communal, apartheid bubbles. Integration is still very much a minority sport.

So, let us be clear that those people voting for anti-immigration parties are those most severely impacted by the disadvantages of mass uncontrolled and sometimes illegal immigration are neither racist nor Islamophobic unless Islamophobic is defined as fear of Islamic extremism.

Housing, health care provision, ethnic tensions, cultural, educational and religious differences, and international political animosity have all combined to create an atmosphere dividing nations and resulting in waves of violent protests and riots. The newcomers are not a silent minority but a very vocal, violent and uncultured mob unafraid to cause havoc to those whose generosity has enabled them to escape the perils and horrors of the geographies from which they escaped. Exacerbating this momentum is the fear of ruling parties to forcefully police and expose the criminal elements within the new wave of immigrants.

Islamic extremists supported by the fascists of the left are demanding intifada and shouting anti-Jewish and anti-Christian slogans, waving flags and emblems of extremist Islamic groups, defiling monuments to war veterans and historical figures, daubing paint on homes and businesses of those opposed to their ideology have created an atmosphere of tension, fear and hatred throughout Europe. Charging those with obvious criminal behavior and activity has been virtually ignored for fear of exacerbating tensions. A liberal democracy should not and cannot be guided by such rules otherwise the mob will win as recent examples verify.

In the United Kingdom, it was known for decades that a certain ethnic group, British Pakistani men, and Pakistani men awaiting nationality formalization were grooming thousands of white underage children for personal sexual and group gratification. These pedophile practices were known to the police, local councilors, politicians and the media including the BBC. The criminal activity was not monitored, allowed to proceed and became acceptable within British society because those charged with the duty and responsibility to enforce the law were too afraid to upset the immigrant minority whose culture allowed such atrocities. The most vulnerable children were left to become the sexual puppets of adult molesters simply because of the ethnicity of those molesters. The morally indecent combined to attack the most vulnerable and were allowed to do so.

Currently criminal activity by religious extremists and left-wing agitators, happening daily, supposedly in support of the Palestinian cause is being allowed to process without being punished. The irony of course is that Assad’s Syria is still committing atrocities on Palestinians and previously Pakistan was responsible for the mass murder and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians during 1970 Black September. Islamic extremists and the Far Left did not appear to be bothered by these events – no riots, nor protests nor beating up of Syrians or Pakistanis. Only the Jewish community are being selected for abuse as were underage white working-class girls. And the authorities are turning a blind eye as Jews and Jewish businesses are regularly attacked by the mob. Police, local councils, politicians, and the media are looking the other way.

It may not be too late for the mob to be exposed and rebutted as the morally decent, the silent majority and the anti-immigration bloc have recently voted to turn the tide throughout Europe and potentially in the upcoming USA elections in November.Unfortunately there is another element to the mob rule attempting to divide and create havoc within western society. That element is funding. Whether it be banners, flags, sponsoring events in civic halls, paying for tents on University campuses, sponsoring commentators, journals, radio, podcasts within academia and Trade Unions to promote and host anti-Jewish propaganda, the funding sources need to be identified and prosecuted. The agitators are well funded and it is believed that the Muslim Brotherhood are the source of the funding.