Yameen must be made to pay for all his misdeeds in Maldives

Yameen must be made to pay for all his misdeeds in Maldives


Yameen must be made to pay for all his misdeeds in Maldives

Yameen the former President of Maldives had looted Maldives thoroughly. He had made millions by illegally selling various “ rights “ to the Government of China and various Chinese companies. He was finally booted out in a General Elections in 2018, which he tried to prevent with all his might. Even his Chinese friends could not prevent his ouster, as India stood behind the supporters of democracy.

Since quite sometime Hamden has been running an anti-India “India-Out” campaign. Yameen and PPM have tried to create much hate against Indians that they began feel harassed, threatened and insecure in Maldives.

Now the common people of Maldives have started Protests against this former President and villain of Maldives, Abdulla Yameen. These protests have intensified after he has been on the run, stealing billions of rufiyaa from the state coffers and depositing 450 million rufiyaa in his personal account.

The protest has rattled the opposition party Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and Yameen himself.

Protesters have drawn graffiti of Arrest Yameen along with his mugshot on the door of his residence, wall and Yameen’s party office wall as well. Flyers have also been put all over the roads against the former Maldivian President.

Reportedly, while the people of Maldives are reeling under abject poverty, Yameen and his family are enjoying a life of luxury, with Yameen building a million-dollar house at the place where he is residing currently.

The Maldives shares the same fate as Sri Lanka and if justice does not prevail from the courts, there is a possibility that Yameen may rise to power once more with help of Communist China. However, this time, there would be a hate and revenge agenda to arrest the rival politicians, resulting in political chaos, extremism and poverty.

Further, the India-Maldives relations will be affected. Yameen might cancel all agreements made with India, including the Indian investments and trade, completely isolating the Maldives.

Protesters have staged a series of demonstration in the Maldives, with several young protesters coming forward to protest against the former Maldivian President to safeguard their country and their future.

Hamden has to brought to justice to safeguard Maldives and the entire region.