7,000 Defence Ministry Officials Working In Hutments To Move To New Offices

7,000 Defence Ministry Officials Working In Hutments To Move To New Offices


7,000 Defence Ministry Officials Working In Hutments To Move To New Offices

The new office  complex for Defence Ministry has been completed  at Africa Avenue. It is   spread  across four blocks and offers a space of 5.08 lakh square feet while the KG Marg set up has three blocks and an office area of 4.52 lakh square feet. The total space comes to 9.60 lakh square feet .

The new office complexes have been constructed at a cost of ₹775 crore provided by the defence ministry, with the work carried out by the ministry of housing and urban affairs as part of the Central Vista project. The two complexes together have parking space for 1,500 cars.

On September 16, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the new defence ministry office complex at Africa Avenue, paving the way for the relocation to begin. Now more than 7,000 defence ministry officers and staff  will begin  to move into brand new offices at Africa Avenue and Kasturba Gandhi Marg from their existing decades-old workplaces in  British era era hutments in the vicinity of the North and South Blocks to make way for the Central Vista revamp .

Some of these hutments  had served as stables for British Army horses more than 75 years ago. As many as 27 wings of the defence ministry, including a navy station INS India, the Armed Forces Clinic and a medical wing of the armed forces have been operating from these hutments for several decades.

The shifting of offices will free 50 acres of land for Central Vista development. The defence ministry having  vacated  9.2 lakh square feet of space in these hutments will   get  9.6 lakh square feet in two new multi-storeyed complexes that are spread over a total area of 13 acres.

Instead of being spread out in various hutments and old buildings (A, B, E, G, H, J, L& M Block, Plot No 30 and Plot No.108 and Jodhpur House), co-location of these buildings will ensure greater efficiency and working, he said. The new buildings will also provide modern amenities, connectivity and welfare facilities like canteens and banks. The construction of the new complexes did not involve uprooting of trees.

According to the Central Vista plan approved by the Centre, the North and South Block office complexes will be turned into national museums, the Indira Gandhi National Centre will be relocated, and the National Archives will be remodelled. The Prime Minister’s residence will be shifted behind the existing South Block complex while the residence of the Vice President is proposed to be relocated behind North Block.

On June 30,  the vice president’s enclave and the new Parliament House will be the first buildings to be completed, and work on shifting the national museum to the North and South Block will commence last, in the elaborate plan for the Central Vista revamp that requires moving people and offices over the course of the next six years.