Big Nexus Between Naxals And Christian Missionaries Exposed

Big Nexus Between Naxals And Christian Missionaries Exposed


Extremist militant Hindu youth wing of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), the Bajrang Dal, would censure Islamist Jihad, Church, Naxalism, and the “Left-Liberal anti-Hindu intellectuals” or the “secular mafia” at its upcoming national convention to be held in Bhopal from November 27 to 29.

Apart from these, the saffron outfit would pass a resolution to press the Centre to bring in a law for building the Ram Temple in Ayodhya and protect ‘gaurakshaks’ (cow vigilantes).

Top sources in the VHP told DNA that four resolutions — one each on Ram Temple in Ayodhya, internal security, national harmony, and cow protection — would be passed at the upcoming national meet of the Bajrang Dal to push for “national aspirations”.

While the resolutions are in the final phases of drafting, the one on internal security would call into question, apart from Islamist terrorism, the “anti-national” roles being played by Christian missionaries and the Church in India, the threat to national security by “disruptive” ideologies such as Naxalism and the selective outrage of left-liberal intellectuals.

“The Bajrang Dal will pass a resolution on the Ram Mandir issue in line with the existing stand of the VHP. We believe that all issues related to the controversy can be settled by a law and must be done like that.

We will demand the government to pass a law for the construction of the temple,” VHP international joint general secretary Surendra Jain told DNA.

Four kinds of threats have been identified to be castigated at the convention by way of a resolution. “While jihadi terrorism is the immediate enemy, missionary activities of the Church, too, are damaging the fabric of the nation.

The Church is not only spreading disruptive anti-Hindu propaganda in the north-eastern states, the nexus between naxalism and the Church has also been unveiled several times.

Apart from these, the secular mafia of the country, too, is pernicious for our national security as they stand with terrorists like Yakub Memon and stone-pelters and give them moral support.

When a terrorist is killed in Lukcnow, they ask for proof of him being a terrorist. Such anti-nationalism cannot be bred within the country,” Jain said.

Meanwhile, the VHP seems to have gird its loins to take on the Supreme Court on the issue of cow vigilantism. “We have collected data for the past three years.

Only 15 cases of excesses by cow vigilantes have been reported in this period; there are 144 instances of cow smugglers accosting the police and cow protectors and killing 40 people.

So, we stand at 15 versus 144 and 40 murders. So, if senior police officers will be appointed as nodal offices in each district to curb vigilantism under SC diktat, then we want these nodal officers to also check cow smuggling and ensure the safety of cow protectors. This demand will be reflected in our resolution on cow protection,” Jain said.