Chinese Communists Always Talk of China’s Core Interest, Must Realize Others Too...

Chinese Communists Always Talk of China’s Core Interest, Must Realize Others Too Have Similar Core Interests


Chinese Communists Always Talk of China’s Core Interest, Must Realize Others Too Have Similar Core Interests


Colonel Awadhesh Kumar, Veteran

General John E. Hyten, vice chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff recently said, “Our goal should be to never go to war with China, to never go to war with Russia. Because that day will be horrible day for the planet, and a horrible day for our countries.” Retired US admiral and former head of US Pacific Command Harry Harris also said that “it’s very important that we do everything that we can to prevent an escalation and open warfare” with China.

Recently, there have been more such voices in the US emphasizing that the US should not have military conflicts with China or for that matter with even Russia. This is obviously because even any limited nuclear war between the two large nuclear powers will surely devastate both and also affect the rest of the planet.

The relations between the USA and China have been escalating in recent past. The risk of war getting closer and closer, the US Generals are worrying about accidental and serious confrontation between the two militaries and even accidental exchange of fire. However such statements coming from American Generals and Admirals, may be understood by Russia, but will only be taken as a sign of weakness by the Chinese Communist Party and the Communist Armed Forces.

On our side of the World, even the risk of a India China military confrontation has increased. The reason is that the Chinese strategic hostility has continued to increase, and the Indian trust has dropped to almost zero. Even a natural accident on the border or on high seas involving the ships of the two countries will make both countries believe that the other side has done it intentionally. In case an incident like Galwan fight happens or any incident happens in the Natuna Sea involving naval ships or merchant ships than it will be very difficult for India to cool the incident down and resolve it peacefully.

However the problem is that the Chinese are not only provoking India all along the LAC but also keep supporting Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir. This must end forthwith. They are also in conflict with US, Japan, Australia, Western Europe and some countries in South East Asia itself. Chinese also keep threatening the free people of Taiwan. China wants to conquer Taiwan forcibly and the Chinese in a hawkish manner keep uttering that unification is its core concern. They have even gone to the extent to say that “No one should intervene even if the Chinese mainland launches attacks against Taiwan. In that case, no conflicts will erupt between China and the US in the Taiwan Straits.”

How funny. India and rest of the World can not permit such political hooligan tactics to work. Other countries show constraint but China on the other hand is just not ready to retreat.

To prevent military conflicts between India and China, we Indians therefore must ensure 100 percent security. India should keep demanding that the Chinese have to vacate occupied parts of Ladakh (this is our first core interest) and stop provoking India in any form (this is our second core interest). This requires Tibet to act as a buffer Country (our third core interest) as was the case historically even in the days of Lord Buddha himself. The entire Indian Ocean Region and the Into Pacific must become a peaceful trading zone (our fourth core interest), as they were since the times of Mauryas and the Cholas. Those days even Han ships traded through entire South East Asia and South Asia in peaceful manner.

The Indian people have already seen through the Chinese Communist thinking. There is no way that Indians can talk to the Chinese Communists with reason, they only understand one thing and that is strength and actions. So India has to be strong and firmly ask back for Occupied portions of Ladhak to be handed back without any if’s and buts. That Mansarovar and Mount Kailash are the very soul of Indians since creation itself must sink into the very core of the Chinese Communist Party.

So, conclusion is that only a very strong military strength, especially strategic nuclear power, a strong IAF, a strong Navy, a mountain strike corps and a missile force with conventional warheads will make the Chinese think twice and keep them from Confronting India in any way. Under the condition that India doesn’t become proactive itself and attack China, the Communist Party of China should know that it should start thinking of vacating Occupied Ladakh at the earliest and also start giving maximum self rule to the Tibetans for a start.

India and China have lived in peace for thousands of years with Tibet as a buffer between the two great civilizations. So there should not be any life and death fight between the two countries as was the case between Western Countries and the Soviet Union during cold war or as the situation is becoming between USA and China. Therefore, China should know that it should not try and push India any more but rather trade together for mutual benefit.