For a peaceful indo pacific : INS Sindhukesari after a patrol docks...

For a peaceful indo pacific : INS Sindhukesari after a patrol docks in Indonesia


For a peaceful indo pacific : INS Sindhukesari after a patrol docks in Indonesia

INS Sindhukesari is one of the upgraded Russian-made Sindhughosh-class submarines. It was commissioned to the Indian Navy in December 1988 before being refitted in 2018. The Rs 1,197-crore refit included improved weapon systems as well as a 25-year service extension for the submarine.

After a long-range mission which only highlights the capabilities of the Indian Navy, is part of the military outreach and naval diplomacy from India towards ASEAN countries, the submarine has docked in Indonesia.

The presence of the submarine in Indonesia comes just weeks after a Chinese coastguard vessel was seen patrolling in the Natuna Sea which lies in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Indonesia. The area is one of many resource-rich regions over China claims unilateral sovereignty. Apart from the INS Sindhukesari, the US aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, one of the largest warships in the world, is also positioned in the area following the Chinese incursion.

INS Sindhukesari has become the first Indian submarine to dock in Indonesia. The 3,000-ton conventional diesel-electric submarine made its way to the Indonesian capital of Jakarta to dock after traversing through the nearby Sunda Strait. The exercise was part of INS Sindhukesari’s first operational venture into Indo Pacific.

“In a bid to strengthen bilateral ties, the Indonesian Navy warmly welcomes the arrival of the Indian submarine INS Shindukesari in Jakarta,” the Indonesian Navy tweeted. India’s heightened defence relationships with these countries come at a time when China’s rhetoric remains increasingly hostile over disputed territorial claims in the South China Sea region.

“Indian warships often visit Indonesia and other ASEAN countries. This first long-range deployment of a submarine underlines the operational capability and reach of the country’s underwater combat arm as well,” a senior official told Times of India.

The presence of the submarine in Indonesia comes shortly after India conducted operational training for 21 Philippine personnel for the soon-to-be-exchanged BrahMos cruise missiles between the two countries. India will provide three shore-based anti-ship BrahMos batteries to the Philippines as part of the INR 3185 crores deal. The sale is expected to open up further purchases of the DRDO developed missiles and HAL manufactured jets and helicopters to other countries in the region as well.