Girls who wear shorts are cursed: Islamic leader

AN influential Muslim community leader has said schoolgirls wearing shorts were “cursed” for imitating boys.

Almir Colan, whose Facebook page has almost 40,000 “likes”, says it paves the way for schoolboys to wear skirts.

“It is part of nature of man and women to be different and to have unique characteristics, even in the way they dress.

“The Prophet cursed men who imitate women and women who imitate men.”

Mr Colan told the Herald Sun his comments, in relation to a shift in government policy to allow girls to wear shorts at all state schools, were a retelling of a religious position.

Mr Colan has held positions on the Islamic Council of Victoria board and taught Islamic finance at La Trobe University.

Mr Colan said it was interesting that the policy had been changed during the same-sex marriage debate, and some of his public commentary was about blunting the edges of radical gender theories.

But Victorian Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott said the postal plebiscite was about “marriage equality and nothing else”.

“We are in Australia, where no man has the right to tell a woman what to wear,” he said.

Islamic organisations are mobilising to oppose same-sex marriage in the national postal plebiscite.

The Board of Imams Victoria posted a video that “gay sex” will be taught in schools if gay marriage is passed, and told its supporters to vote or “the consequences will be dire.”

The Muslim Political Action Committee has thrown its weight behind a No vote, saying it was worried that attempts would be made to issue legal sanctions against opponents of same-sex marriage.

The Australian National Imams Council says Islam does not allow gay marriage and a “marital relationship is only permissible between a man and woman”, and the Islamic Council of Victoria supports that position.

But Mr Colan and his Muslims In Australia Since the 1600s page has gone further in criticism. A vocal opponent of same-sex marriage, he has pushed the line that the vote would pave the way for radical gender theories in schools.

“Every little move shifts the way we think. You cook the frog in that fake story by slowly heating the water.”

He told the Herald Sun society was heading in a direction that made it difficult to express a religious opinion or teach without being accused of offending someone.

Source: Herald Sun