Makkars of India will keep writing doomsday scenario for India

Makkars of India will keep writing doomsday scenario for India


Makkars of India will keep writing doomsday scenario for India

Dated : 04 Dec 2020 (IST)

Makkars of India earlier were funded from foreign countries to undermine and destabilize India both politically and socially, However after the Central Govt tightened the legislation on foreign funding of NGOs, the Makkars are seathing with anger as they have been largely defanged, So they leave no opportunity to attack

the Government on the flimsiest of grounds,
No wonder some Makkars are attacking the BJP because in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh and elsewhere, laws have been passed that will jail all those for 10 years if they marry outside their religion without taking due permission from the administration, This law had become necessary to stop the menace of LOVE JIHAD, a planned action against the majority community by the radicals in the minority communities,
When fatwas are passed by a few radicalized clergies against things Indian then these Makkars will pretend that they have not heard anything, However when In Hyderabad, some one in the BJP said in the campaign for the local elections that a vote for Muslims is a vote against India they start shouting hoarse.

One Makkar is worried about “ what is going on in our country today. It is hard to see any of it without a sense of dread and fear for what is happening and what lies ahead.” This Man kar was probably sleeping when Pakistan sponsored terrorism had started taking root in Kashmir with support of such Makkars, He was sleeping when Kashmiri Pandits were being killed and then driven out of Kashmir Valley,
Next when nothing else to attack, Makkars begin harping on the India’s economy. They say that it has contracted for three more months, meaning that as a nation we produced less in goods and services than we did in the same period last year.

Meaning also that Indian families in the numbers of lakhs and perhaps Crores got pulled into poverty. They are indirectly blaming the Govt for the Lockdown, They fail to see that it is a worldwide phenomena in which India has come out a victor with least losses.

India’s economy has contracted for six months, since the Prime Minister called for the harshest lockdown in the world. However all economic indicators show that the nation has bounced back, And this bouncing back has not been TWEETED by the Prime Minister or the Finance Minister but by variousWorld wide economic surveyors,

Now when a Man kar is unable to question data from the Corporate Sector then he starts worry about the happenings to the unorganised and small sectors where most Indians are employed. Makkars feel that Tpthe weak and the poor cannot ‘work from home’.

They must toil every day to eat. As per them the lockdown, like Demonetisation, like GST, has taken work away from the small and the poor and given it to the corporate sector. The stock market is at a historic high for this reason.

Also how can a Makkar ignore the current farmers’ protests. This is one of their utterings “Farmers want the government to take back the laws that will gut procurement and affect their livelihood. The government’s agents have said that the protestors are anti-national and separatists.

The standard line that is used for anyone — academics, minorities, farmers, dissident industrialists — who points out that what the government is doing is wrong. It is like children and name-calling. That is the level of maturity in our national debate.”

The Makkars are also worried that the Indian Army has to spend the winter in spaces that have not been prepared for such an eventuality. Our Jawans were issued sleeping bags that have been previously found to be “unfit for use in glacier and super higher altitude areas”.

But they must make do because the political establishment has decided it does not want to deal with the problem. Makkars know all this without even spending one hour with our valiant Officers and Men, who are ready to defend the Nation at all costs,

Makkars are angry that our Prime Minister tweeted had an excellent discussion with Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister about climate change and other matters but has not found the time to have a discussion with his friend Xi Jinping about his army going back from our borders. Probably Makkars are not happy with the ongoing military level talks,

Makkars are very happy at the change in Govt in USA and feel that the new set up will be more helpful to the Makkars set up than the Indian nationalists, Theyforget that those days when USA Govt sneezed and as a result Indian Govt caught cold, is long over.

Those who have taken to defend India are now following their oath to the holy,