Terrible: Man Asked For Rent From Altaf, What He Got In Return...

Terrible: Man Asked For Rent From Altaf, What He Got In Return Will Leave You Stunned


A 45-year-old man and his two sons beheaded their landlord when he demanded rent. They buried the head and dumped the torso in a stormwater drain, police said.

Manjunath (38), a moneylender, had rented a plot of land near Nelamangala to Altaf and his sons for running a scrap yard. The family earned well but didn’t pay the rent. Manjunath had warned of evicting them.

On January 24, Altaf telephoned Manjunath, saying he wanted to pay the rent, and called him to a spot. Once Manjunath reached there, Altaf and his sons reportedly attacked him with an iron rod. He died on the spot. They then severed his head with an electric saw and buried it in the land. The torso was dumped in a drain in Kengeri.

Meanwhile, Manjunath’s wife complained to the police about his disappearance.

The Central Crime Branch (CCB) picked up Altaf and his sons in a separate case of theft. During the course of the investigation, sleuths learnt about the crime. The CCB transferred the case to the jurisdictional Nelamangala police who are now searching for Manjunath’s torso in the drain.

Earlier in a similar incident, The severed head of a man was found in Telangana’s Nalgonda town today- kept on the wall of a religious structure.

The decapitated head was found in the Bottuguda area of the town by the morning walkers who later informed the police.

The police have identified the man as 25-year-old P Ramesh, a tractor driver and have now launched a hunt for his torso.

Sniffer dogs have been pressed into service to identify the killers.

Ramesh was brutally murdered by unidentified persons after he left his home on Sunday night to buy medicines.

A police officer said they were probing the case from all angles. The owner of the tractor is also being questioned.