PSLV Places UK Satellites Into Precise Orbits

PSLV Places UK Satellites Into Precise Orbits


Recently some British MPs had made the comment that it is British financial aid which is helping to fund Indian space efforts. It seems that now it is paying off for not so Great Britain.

The Indian Space Research Organisation’s workhorse Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle-C42 (PSLV) successfully launched NovaSAR and S1-4 satellites of the UK into precise orbits. The lift off took place as planned today at 10.08 PM.

The mission is as per a commercial arrangement between the British company and Antrix Corporation Limited, the commercial wing of ISRO and at a much lower cost than that charged by other such agencies.

So people of UK should feel happy about the fact that what they cannot do themselves, is being done by India and that too without charging much.

This was the 44th flight of the PSLV and the third launch by ISRO this year.