UK Think Tank Gives Ludicrous Advice To Brit Government with Respect To...

UK Think Tank Gives Ludicrous Advice To Brit Government with Respect To India


UK Think Tank Gives Ludicrous Advice To Brit Government with Respect To India

Dated : 13 Jan 2021 (IST)

Even as UK appears to be slowly vanishing from the World Map, it’s institutions will not give up some of their biased thinking. A major British think tank has a word of advice for the British government which is simply ludicrous. Instead of advising their Government to embrace India, the future leader of the free world, wholesale, it instead says “While giving India the attention it deserves, the UK government needs to accept that gaining direct national benefit from the relationship, whether economically or diplomatically, will be difficult.” Chatham House, as the Think Tank is called should first fathom if United Kingdom will remain United or Scotland and Northern Ireland are going to ditch it soon and join the European Union, leaving England to fend for itself.

The Chatham report, should have brought out the fact Britain now has no global standing worth the name. It can no longer influence the Rest Of world. Despite the evident shortcomings, “Britain has remained a bit influential because due to USA backing it still remains a member of the UNSC.“ In the 21 Century this rump of a country is not capable of combining its national assets — diplomatic, military, intelligence and humanitarian — to pursue its interests beyond its shores.”

Britain should have more realistic goals about developing deeper ties with India, Instead Of trying to clubs India with China, Saudi Arabia and Turkey as the “difficult four”.

After independence UK was an important partner for India mostly because of old ties and because of Nehru. However UK kept playing the GREAT GAME to hinder the rise of India. So should be obvious by now that Russia, France, Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and even Bangladesh are the most important strategic partner for India. Realizing, India’s importance even the recent US administrations have intensified their bilateral security relations..

The Chatham report ridicules itself only when it says that India’s domestic politics is fragmented. Also the Traders who formed that EAST INDIA COMPANY have the temerity to say that the Current Indian Government has made India one of the countries most resistant to open trade and foreign investment.

Then the biased and blind report accuses India, “the overt Hindu nationalism of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party is weakening the rights of Muslims & other minority religious groups, leading to a chorus of concern that intolerant majoritarianism is replacing the vision of a secular, democratic India bequeathed by Nehru.”

The British foreign policy establishment is currently in the process of re-writing its foreign policy focus, bringing the Indo-Pacific front and centre of the new policies. Embracing India wholeheartedly is the only path of salvation left for this far away tiny island.

The Chathams report is critical of Boris Johnson’s initiative of setting up a D10 club of democratic countries, and particularly, including India in it. “Including India in a D10 at this time could make building any meaningful consensus on policy or joint actions that much harder.

India has a long and consistent record of resisting being corralled into a ‘Western’ camp. It led the Non-Aligned Movement during the Cold War and, in 2017, India formally joined the China-and Russia-led Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.”

Gora Sahibs of Chatham are annoyed of India’s diplomatic behaviour, because despite border clashes with China, “India did not join the group of countries that criticized China at the UN in July 2019 over human rights violations in Xinjiang. India has also been muted in its criticism of the passage of the new national security law in Hong Kong.”

India is no TABAQUI to any SHER KHAN ( The Jungle Book of Kippling ) though UK may be following USA in everything. India will do what it deems fit.